Where to Find the Cheapest Car Rental

The cheapest car rental is the first thing on our mind when we need to book a car. We cannot always take our car along on trips; it’s just too impractical. Car rental companies have made a fortune based at airports where they can charge a premium for the rental, you may think “what a rip off” they just shrug their shoulders, do you still need a car? The normal response is of defeat and passengers grudgingly pay for the rental. And so the sad story keeps on going around.

The cheapest car rental companies are normally less well known, and are normally not based at the airports, but have generally a good name. Points to look out for are: How old are the cars? How often do they get serviced? When you receive the car, is it in good repair and clean, inside and out? This may sound like trivia to you, but companies who pride themselves in keeping the cars in good shape, are generally well managed. And word of mouth quickly spreads.

There is a another way to find good deals on well know car rental companies, Travel clubs have often a contract with well known car rental companies, and you will be ale to get the same cheap rate as you would with the cheaper rental companies.

This is beneficial to you as you know already that all the boxes are ticked on the check list and you will have piece of mind. So there is no need to hunt around for the good budget rental company.

Upon joining a Travel Club, members will then have access to these well knows rental companies, which are stationed at major airports for convenience. You can see the benefit in this arrangement and normally the membership is for life. Some Travel clubs charge a once of fee and some charge a small monthly fee.

As Travel Club members finding the cheapest car rental is a thing of the past because it is now combined as one in the travel package that also includes the accommodation and flights. The way the travel clubs are able to get these discounted rates is that they buy in bulk, and with buying in bulk comes a large no of people wanting car rentals, so deals are struck with well know car rental companies that in turn give more credibility to the Travel Clubs.

Travel Members also make use of this discount when going on business trips, including accommodation. A hand some amount of money can be save by going this route, as this is still very new on the Travel and Tourism market, and should not take long for many to follow in their footsteps.